Verre à vivre - Glas fürs Leben - Glass for living

22 April – 1 November 2017

For millennia, glass has served both everyday life and art. From the drinking glass to the stained-glass window, this is a material that is at once useful, beautiful and democratic. We have begun to forget that between mass production and the standalone artwork there can be beautiful glass in our daily lives. Yet everywhere artists and craftsmen are starting to revitalize ancient glass-making techniques and breathe new life into them. It is not easy for the talented and the pioneering to find clients, and this exhibition will be a shop window for their passion.

Forty-five artists and craftsmen from Switzerland and the rest of Europe have been selected to present their wares. Originality, creativity and technical ability were among the selection criteria, not forgetting of course affordability! There will be more than 120 objects in glass for all areas of life, from the kitchen to the dining table, and from the window to the bathroom, as well as jewelry, naturally. To discover more, visit the online catalogue (vitroboutique.ch).

The exhibition is being mounted at the Vitromusée in Romont, as well as at the neighbouring Château de Mézières, which houses a magnificent collection of hand-painted wallpapers. At the same time there will be an opportunity to see unveiled for the first time the Vitromusée's latest acquisitions of functional glassware. The exhibition setting will combine works in glass with items of furniture in a surprising way, and juxtapose antique pieces with ones made by young contemporaries (novimabyo) – in all, an exceptional and original museum experience!

The 2017 Vitrofestival will have the same opening hours as the exhibition, on 22–23 April, at Romont and Mézières.

The artists

Armbruster-Seid Kathrin (CH) 

Betting Charlotte (F)          

Blank Thomas (CH)

Boder Marc (CH)

Brabant Laurence et Villechange Alain (F)

Burri René (CH)

Caylou Mathilde (F)

Cohen Evy (F)

Denton Julie Anne (GB / CH)

De Roquemaurel Valérie (CH)

Dischinger Karola und Thomas (CH)      

Donzé Anne et Chagnon Vincent (F)

Elste Jana - AM Studio (LV)

Engeler Albin (CH) 

Engeler Pascal (CH)  

Epitalon Bernadette (F)

Frey Bea (CH)          

Gaigher Giuliano (I)

Gazdac Jean (F)

Geisen Denise (CH)

Hoffmann-Botquelen Jacqueline (CH)

Jacobs Priska (CH)  

Jolivet Ghislène (F) 

Knoblauch Ursula (CH)     

Kohler Marianne (CH)       

Mohn Susanne (CH)             

Moret Pascal (CH)

Nutt-Schädler Tamara (L)

Paris Angèle (F)

Picaud Fabienne (F)

Piechna-Sowersby Erna (CH)

Radzik Georges (CH)          

Rivelli Rita - Studio Forme Roma (I)

Robert Julia (F)       

Ronckers Rini (Pays-Bas)   

Schobinger Bernhard (CH)

Siffert Thérèse (CH)             

Suzuki Michi (F)

Tai Kazumi (F)

Valeri Eleonora (I)  

Vetterli Andreas (CH)        

Vitali Hélène (F)

Weinmayer Bernd und Winkler Patrik (A)        

Zoritchak Yan (F)    

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