Venini 1934 à 1959

VENINI & C. 1934–1959 

The glass maker genius of Murano  

10th June – 11th November 2018

The Vitromuseum Romont, in collaboration with Le Stanze del Ventro in Venice, dedicates its summer exhibition to the creations of Paolo Venini (1895 – 1959) and his manufactory. Considered one of the key figures of glass art of the 20thcentury in Venice, Venini was born in Milano where he trained in the law. In 1921, together with Giacomo Cappellin, he founded a glass making enterprise in Murano, the island famous for its centuries old tradition of glass art. The two men went their separate ways four years later, and Venini then established a partnership with Napoleone Martinuzzi. In 1929, the business was renamed Venini & C. Paolo Venini was not just its director, but also designed critically acclaimed glass objects from the 1930s onward. Venini & C. contributed to the revival of glass art through a sophisticated visual language, combining innovation, a sensibility for the demands of international markets and mastery of the traditional techniques of Murano glass production. 

The success of Venini & C. was not due merely to Venini’s talent as an entrepreneur and his creativity, but also to the skill and know-how of the glassblowers with whom he worked, and his instinct for fruitful collaborations with artists, designers and architects of national and international renown.  Through a hundred objects, the exhibition presents an exclusive overview of the glass creations of Paolo Venini from 1934 until his death, as well as works by Riccardo Licata, Tobia Scarpa, Charles Lin Tissot, Gio Ponti and Ken Scott. 

For demonstrations related to the exhibition, see here

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