Robert Schär, Tanzende, Entwurf für ein Glasgemälde der Sekundarschule Steffisburg (Singsaal), 1954, Vitromusée Romont, VMR_1716 © Rechteinhaber, Photo: Vitrocentre Romont.

Robert Schär : couleur et expressivité

8 May – 14 August 2022

The exhibition provides an overview of the work of Robert Schär (1894–1973), a prolific artist from Steffisburg (Bern) whose work spans five decades. His characteristically powerful and expressive language soon won him recognition beyond the canton of Bern. Robert Schär designed stained glass cycles for at least 30 churches, including those of St. Mark's and Nydegg in Bern and the town of Burgdorf, as well as for several school buildings.

The Vitromusée Romont is delighted to pay tribute to Robert Schär's work as a stained glass artist and to the donation by his heirs of four stained glass windows and a collection of over 250 sketches and cartoons in 2020 and 2021.

More information on Robert Schär's exhibited works can be found in the vitrosearch database.

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