Reflets de Chine

Reflets de Chine 

Three Centuries of Chinese Reverse Glass Painting

16th of June 2019 - 1st of March 2020

As a museum entirely dedicated to the glass arts, the Vitromusée Romont houses a collection of more than 1300 reverse glass paintings – in addition to stained glass, glass containers, graphic works and tools related to glass arts. No museum in Switzerland or abroad, nor any private collection, holds such an important collection of this particular art in terms of quality, variety and quantity.

For its next temporary exhibition, the museum will highlight a form of artistic production little known to date, that of Chinese reverse glass painting. This will be the first exhibition in Switzerland devoted exclusively to this art created in China between 1750 and 1950, retracing its long history: from its conception in the 18thcentury with the successful artistic encounter between Chinese painting and that of Europe, to its subsequent “globalization” before becoming a widespread popular art within China. 

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