Mobile de la série "Caustiques". Dim 25 x 25 x 25 cm. Verre thermoformé. Photo : Françoise Bolli.

Corps lumineux GB CeDé face/photo © Yves Andre

Françoise Bolli – Verra t'y, verra t'y pas ?

31 October 2021 – 27 March 2022

Françoise Bolli, a Geneva-based artist living and working in Yverdon (VD), is interested in glass in all its forms. From the functional object, such as the serving dish or the luminous body, to the art object, the sculpture, the mobile and finally to the body integrated into an architectural context, she is always fascinated by precisely this versatility of glass. In the objects she creates, she seeks to trace the path of light, but also its absence. Colour manifests itself in the play of reflections, superimpositions and projections. At the centre of her work is the associative connection between matter and poetry.

Françoise Bolli has been a member of Verarte since 1996.

The works are for sale. Information at the museum reception.

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