Hans Rudolf Lando, Carton pour vitrail héraldique avec deux donateurs à cheval, 1607. Musée d’histoire de Berne, H/20036/164, Dépôt de la Confédération suisse, Office fédéral de la culture, Berne. Photo: Yvonne Hurni

Collectionner, copier, créer – Les dessins préparatoires dans l’atelier de Hans Rudolf Lando

23 January – 18 April 2022

The exhibition is dedicated to the collection of preparatory drawings by the Bernese glass painter Hans Rudolf Lando (1584-1646). It sheds light on the role of drawings, and in particular preparatory drawings, which go beyond their utilitarian function in the creation of a stained glass window. These preparatory drawings allowed the distribution of motifs and models for heraldic windows. For a workshop such as Lando's, a collection of preparatory drawings was therefore a valuable asset from which a real trade resulted.

This exhibition focuses on the trade and distribution of these drawings, the exchange and copying of certain models and motifs, and the resulting artistic influences between the various workshops. It thus highlights the artistic exchanges and the dense network of glass painters' workshops in Switzerland in the 17th century.

The exhibition is linked to the research project conducted by the Vitrocentre Romont: Scheibenrisse ou cartons pour vitraux héraldiques anciennement propriété de Hans Rudolf Lando

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