Chagall. Stained glass

La couleur de l'amour

15 July – 18 Nov 2007

Some of the most famous works of Chagall’s late career were the stained-glass windows he designed for cathedrals, public buildings, museums, etc., in international locations ranging throughout Europe to Israel and the USA.

This exhibition brings together his preparatory drawings, his exploration of colour, the remarkable collages, and the final sketches for these works. It is complemented by a slide projection of the actual windows (specially commissioned for the exhibition).

Chagall windows to be seen in the USA (New York – U.N.; Chicago – Art Institute) and the UK (the King David window in Chichester Cathedral and the Tudeley windows) are profiled along with those from Switzerland (Frauenmunster in Zurich), and other European countries. A fascinating section is devoted to his work with the stained glass artists Brigitte Simon and Charles Marq on the Hadassah Medical Centre Synagogue in Jerusalem.

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