Studying Glass

The virtual exhibition “Glass Studies” offers an insight into the varied research activities of the Vitrocentre Romont, which, as the scientific partner of the Vitromusée Romont, studies the museum collections and presents the results in the context of temporary exhibitions and conferences. As the Swiss Research Center for Stained Glass and Glass Art, the Vitrocentre Romont, founded in 1988, is also dedicated to the inventory and research of glass art in its entire artistic, temporal and geographical breadth. While one focus of the scientific activities of the Vitrocentre Romont is the systematic inventory of the Swiss stained glass within the framework of the international initiative of the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (CVMA), the other research projects of the Vitrocentre Romont pursue specific questions in the fields of art history and art technology.

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Fig. 1: Cover of the latest Corpus Vitrearum volume in the series Switzerland, Modern Age.

Fig. 2: Istanbul, Üsküdar, Selmanağa Camii, detail of a stucco glass window. © Photo: Vitrocentre Romont / Franziska Niemand.

Fig. 3: Vue intérieure de l’église d’Orsonnens. © Photo: Vitrocentre Romont / Valérie Sauterel.

Fig. 4: Vase, verre vert, émaillé bleu puis doré, H: 27.4 cm; D: 11 cm. Vitromusée Romont, VO 54. © Photo: Vitromusée Romont / Erwin Baumgartner.

Fig. 5: The Last Supper, stained glass window in the Church of St. Lawrence in St. Gallen, Caspar Gsell, 1853. © Photo: Vitrocentre Romont / Katrin Kaufmann.

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