«Südamerika» (détail), Schmelzglas, 560mm x 810mm © Glasmalerei Scholz

«Amazonas» (détail), 370mm x 500mm © Glasmalerei Scholz

Dieter Scholz | Kunstglaser | Glasmaler | Glasgestalter

11 September 2022 – 26 March 2023

The art glaziery/glass painting workshop Scholz in Rümlang was founded in 1965 by Fritz Scholz, then continued by his son Dieter Scholz and is currently run by the third generation, Patrick and Roger Scholz. The Scholz Glass Painting Company is primarily active in the restoration of historical glass paintings and the renovation of leaded glass in public and private buildings.

Since his apprenticeship at the Dierig glass workshop in Ueberlingen a.See, Dieter Scholz has also been interested in modern techniques in glass design, especially in the melting of glass. Accordingly, he equipped the workshop early on with glass fusing furnaces in various sizes and expanded the glass stock with compatible fused glass in all colours.

The exhibits in Romont show the variety of possible glass fusing techniques. The art of glass melting consists of melting the desired effects and gradients from simple 3mm coloured glass panels. In the process, "preliminary elements" are first fused together in various ways, separated again, allowed to flow in a controlled manner or stretched. With these, the desired compositions can then be put together in a further melting process and the desired effects can be achieved using the specific firing curve. The objects can be further refined by polishing, sandblasting or mirroring.

Dieter Scholz attaches great importance to the fact that his objects are cooled in a controlled manner, which also allows them to be placed outdoors (grave art, facades, roundabouts, etc.).

Dieter Scholz will be present in Romont during the weekend of demonstrations on 29 and 30 October 2022 from 10:00 to 17:00 and will be able to give more detailed information about his work.

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