Donation of reverse glass paintings by Jochem Poensgen

In 2018, the reverse glass paintings collection of the Vitromusée Romont was enriched thanks to a donation from the artist Jochem Poensgen of 59 reverse glass paintings and five works on paper. The donation allows us to gain an overview of works this artist has produced in recent years, and shows his continuing fascination with the technique.

Over a period of six decades, Jochem Poensgen (who was born in 1931 in Düsseldorf) created in the main monumental windows for architectural contexts. Since 2013, he has devoted himself to the particular technique of reverse glass painting. This genre has opened up a vast and fertile field for experimentation for his abstract visual language. His reverse glass paintings were shown in public for the first time at the exhibition Affinité/Wahlverwandt. Peintures sous verre et vitraux, held at the Vitromusée Romont and the Deutsches Glasmalerei-Museum in Linnich in 2016–17.

From 24 February until 23 June 2019, the Vitromusée will be exhibiting highlights from this donation in a display case in the section on reverse glass painting. The entirety of the Poensgen donation, as well as a stained-glass window of 1990/2011 and six preparatory works on paper for the windows of the Hochgebirgsklinik Davos-Wolfgang (1980) that the artist has made over to the Vitromusée, are now available in our online vitrosearch database.


Elisa Ambrosio


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