Virgin Mary and angels

Adam and Eve

Recent acquisitions

The Vitromusée and Vitrocentre endeavour to collect representative examples of glass art, from its beginnings through to the present day, both for public exhibition and for research purposes. The collections are enriched on a regular basis – by donations, by specific new acquisitions, or as a result of action taken to save a window of historic importance.

The Virgin Enthroned and Angels Picking Fruit for the Infant Jesus

Gift of the Foundation for the Centenary of the Cantonal Bank of Fribourg. This is one of a set of three panels recently acquired by the Museum. They originate from the old Low Countries, most probably the former Carthusian monastery of Louvain (/Leuven) in Belgium. The panel with the Virgin Mary exhibits characteristics particular to the atelier of Dirk Vellert, one of the most renowned Netherlandish artists of his time (and the probable designer of many of the windows in King's College Chapel, Cambridge).

Adam and Eve

This panel displays on the left the ‘canting arms’ of the donor Schlee – deriving from the sound of his name (in German ‘Schlehe’ is a sloe bush); and the arms of Werro, on which a grozing iron, used in cutting stained glass, refers to his trade. Above the arms, a skull and sandglass signify the transience of life.

Four Sketches by Albert Müller

Albert Müller was active in Basel in the 1920’s and was one of the founding members of the Rot–Blau group of Basel artists, who were heavily influenced by German Expressionism and particularly by the artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

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