Contemporary glass

Contemporary glass art takes us into a very different world, a world of completely new artistic approaches that are at once varied and captivating. The Vitromusée is committed to encouraging the glass arts, and together with various artists’ associations regularly organises exhibitions to bring a wide range of contemporary creations to public attention. The Vitromusée’s collection is constantly being expanded with recent works, which are displayed on a rotating basis.

While the classic techniques of stained glass and reverse painting on glass are still the media of choice for many modern artists, allowing them to create to this day works of art that are resolutely modern, artists are more and more exploring techniques such as fusing, thermoforming, casting, acid etching, bonding, sand blasting, and printing on glass. A great variety of objects come to life in the glass artist’s lair: pictures, sculptures, vases, installations and jewellery.

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