Graphic works

Graphic works relating to the glass arts constitute the most substantial part of the collections housed at the Vitromusée. They consist mainly of preliminary works from the holdings of studios and artists. There are sketches notable for their freshness, carefully worked up miniature models, and designs and cartoons abounding in detail that bear witness to the artist’s labour prior to the execution of a window by a glass-painter. Key items are displayed on a rotating basis.

Among the holdings from studios mention should be made of those of the glass-painters Hans Meyer and Hans Drenckhahn, and from the Fribourg studio of Kirsch & Fleckner. The latter collection is testament to the work of such artists as Friedrich Berbig, Henri Broillet, Raymond Buchs, Ernest Bieler, Jozef Mehoffer, Yoki, and Gaston Thévoz. The holdings relating to an individual artist often document a little-known aspect of an artist who worked in many media, such as (in Switzerland) Felix Hoffmann, Alexandre Cingria, Jean-Edward de Castella, Marcel Poncet, Edmond Bille, Charles Clément, Théodore Strawinsky, Bodjol, and Max Hunziker.

Vitromusée Romont houses the following collection :

  • Karl Ludwig Herion (1858–1934)
  • Edmond Bille (1878–1959)
  • Bodjol (1919–2006)
  • Max Brunner (1910–2007)
  • Charles Clément (1889–1972)
  • Hans Drenckhahn (1878–1953)
  • Charles-François Philippe (1919–2003)
  • Marcel Poncet (1894–1953)
  • Felix Hoffmann (1911–1975)
  • Max Hunziker (1901–1976)
  • Fonds graphique Richard Indergand (divers artistes)
  • Walter Kohler (?-1945)
  • Hans Meyer (?-1961)
  • Richard A. Nüscheler (1877–1950)
  • Edy Renggli (1922–2017)
  • Emil Reich (1922–1983)
  • Robert Schär (1894–1973)
  • Ernst Scheidegger (1937–2014)
  • Théodore Strawinsky (1907–1989)
  • Heinrich Stäubli (1926–2016) 
  • Peter Travaglini (1927–2015)
  • Alfred Werck (1876–1960)
  • Atelier Kirsch & Fleckner 
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