An introduction to reverse painting on glass

The publication of this handbook has been timed to coincide with the opening, in Oktober 2006, of the department of reverse painting on glass in the Vitromusée. The new department constitutes an extension to the Museum both in terms of size and field of interest, which up until now has been focused on stained glass. Ruth and Frieder Ryser worked closely with the Vitrocentre (the Museum's partner institute for research) in Romont for many years, and ultimately decided to donate their unique collection of reverse paintings on glass to the Centre. The handbook, while based on the results of the latest research, is written to appeal to a wide readership; it provides an overview of the development and the techniques of reverse painting on glass, as does the collection itself.

Reverse painting on glass... An introduction based on examples from the Vitromusée Romont, Vitromusée Romont 2006

Available in English, French and German

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