Guided tours

For groups

Various guided tours are available, in English, French or German.

We offer three kinds of visit:

A – First impressions: an introduction to the main features (1 hour)
B – Panorama: an overview of the glass arts (11/2 hours)
C – In Depth: a comprehensive review (2 x 1hour, with 1/2 hour pause in-between)


A: CHF 120.- ;  B: CHF 160.- ;  C: CHF 200.-
plus museum entry (CHF 9.- per person for groups of more than 10 persons.)
There is a maximum of 25 participants per guide.


Reservation is required in advance at the Romont Tourist Office, who can offer further information:

Romont Tourist Office
Rue du Château 112
1680 Romont
Phone: +41 (0)26 651 90 55
Fax +41 (0)26 651 90 59

You can also reserve one of our guides to lead you round a tour of the various churches and chapels in the area fitted with impressive contemporary stained glass.

For the general public

On the last Sunday of each month, a 1-hour guided tour of the Museum, with emphasis on the temporary exhibition, is open to the general public. Reservation is not necessary.

Language: French
Time: 2.30pm
Price: Museum entry only, no supplement.

Vitromusée Romont Au Château P.O. Box 150 CH-1680 Romont Phone +41 (0)26 652 10 95 Fax +41 (0)26 652 49 17 cr:vasb:ivgebzhfrr.pu